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Japanese director Jun Ichikawa, 59, died after collapsing at lunch on Friday and being rushed to a nearby Tokyo hospital…. The morning of his death Ichikawa was editing his last film, buy a suit, which is skedded to preem on October 18 in the Japanese Eyes of the upcoming Tokyo International Film Festival…. His biggest prize winner… was Tony Takitani, a 2004 drama based on a Haruki Murakami short story about an introverted illustrator (Issei Ogata) with a fashion-crazed wife (Rie Miyazawa) that won the Special Jury Prize, Youth Jury Prize and FIPRESCI Prize at the Locarno fest, as well as many honors elsewhere, including a nom for Best Foreign Film at the 2006 Independent Spirit Awards.


Buy A Suit (2008)
How to Become Myself (2007)
Aogeba Tôtoshi (2006)
Tony Takitani (2004)
Ryoma’s Wife, Her Husband and Her Lover (2002)
Tokyo Marigold (2001)
Zawa-zawa Shimokita-sawa (2000)
Osaka Story (1999)
Tadon to Chikuwa (1998)
Tokyo Lullaby (1997)
Tokiwa: The Manga Apartment (1996)
The Tokyo Siblings (1995)
Kurêpu (1993)
Dying at a Hospital (1993)
Kin Chan no Cinema Jack (1993) (segment “Kitto Kurusa”)
TUGUMI (1990)
No Life King (1989)
Kaisha monogatari: Memories of You (1988)
Bu Su (1987)


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