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Vientianale Postcard Diary – Day 2

บัณฑิต เทียนรัตน์

โปสการ์ด 2

Second postcard…
Vientiane, Lao pdr 11/5/11

…My first half of the day had been pretty dull…as it’s been burning but raining afterward…I made my mind to take a good damn sleep called Ziesta!!! haha…at my hotel…instead of wandering around(yes, I was…but after having lao style hot noodles for lunch…I headed back!)…

But the last half of the day has been cool…a bit chilling…I took a slow pace pointlessly around Vientiane…anyway here’s not metropolitan…you can walk around the town in 1 day…finally,I found the good place for dinner…Kob Jai Der restaurant is the hope!! nice traditional foods with one bottle of Beer Lao(my intention not to drink Alcohol was broken! but just one anyway)…and then…take strolling around…for digesting walk also.

I found that the Mae Khong river side is amazing…it’s very huge space for whatever things you wanna do but that’s so calm & lovely…Laotians just been walking slowly, chatting, relaxing, and doing a bit exercise…and the teenagers have played skateboarding in groups with impressive technique and style…that’s so cool!!…I took a video in every part of the activities…

I ended up with the new accommodation…it’s sort of a guest house but its price is down in half!!!(compare with the current one I took)…no TV, no Internet(Just wi-fi) and bathroom shared…but good backpackers shouldn’t have cared about those, shouldn’t we?…and someone on the counter called me…Handsome!(hahaha, she is he! or he is she!) anyway, it wasn’t the reason I chose it for tomorrow night anyway…555

After that, I found by chance the pretty lovely local food venues…a lot more like in Thailand such as, Soi milk, Patongo…Duck noodles, Kao Rad Gang, sweet desserts, fruits and so on…hidden in the dark & dim little streets…but it comes out of it in circle at my hotel eventually…smart route!

Tomorrow will be the day of the opening ceremony of Vientianale(12-15 May, 2011)…at the Lao National cultural hall…it seems to be too silent not like the others in Asia but who cares? I am here due to my plan deliberately…That’s it.

Sabaidee Luangprabang’s director “Sakchai Deenan” is gonna come here to join it too…and we have a plan to meet up(would be just 2 Thais here!)…it’s not too alone to be here…Vientianale’…^^

PS. I’m missing someone like crazy right now…

(picture above from internet)



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